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Home Solutions is the ideal place to grow your career, surrounded by new opportunities and world-class talent. We foster an environment where each team member feels engaged in their work, spurred on by their colleagues, and passionate about our purpose.

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Explore Our Core Values

Our purpose is defined by four core values: Act With Focus, Build the Team, Get After It, and Grow Without Limits. Learn what that looks like across stories from our team.

Ben Cassillo: Building the Team

Back in November 2020, Home Solutions hired me as an SEO Director. In February 2024, thanks to countless coaching sessions and rounds of feedback, I received a promotion to Vice President. One of the reasons why I came to Home Solutions and why I stay here is because of the unique opportunity to build the company through both our people and our performance.

I love being at a company where someone can have the chance to create an entirely new role, where we take chances on recent graduates and develop them into leaders. However, what sets Home Solutions apart is that we don’t sacrifice our values or our people to get results. So many people have aided in my development here, and I’m proud to be in a place where I can do the same for others to build the team at Home Solutions.

November 2020

Hired as an SEO Director

December 2021

Seeing the joy on candidates’ faces when they received their offers to join my team was easily the highlight of my first year.

June 2022

Onboarded our first new analyst class. Of that group, 40% have already become senior analysts! I’m incredibly proud of their growth.

November 2023

In 2023, I was able to launch and build 2 new teams with world-class colleagues, and I can’t wait to build together.

February 2024

Promoted to VP, SEO

Christian von Kantzow: Get After It

I joined Three Ships over 10 years ago and was able to be a part of the founding of Home Solutions in 2017 — it has been quite a ride! The move here was a big change for me at the time, as I had started my career as a financial analyst in the pet supply space with no experience in digital. Home Solutions has given me an incredible opportunity to build expertise while solving challenging business problems and taking on exciting leadership opportunities.

Over the years, I’ve always felt lucky to work with the sharp, ambitious people on our team who demonstrate our core value of “get after it” every day: rolling up their sleeves, stepping into new opportunities, taking initiative, and growing the business.

March 2013

Senior Digital Analyst

January 2014

Manager, Reporting & Analytics

May 2015

Director of Analytics & Insights

February 2016

Director, Analytics & Digital Advertising

May 2017

VP of Analytics & Digital Advertising

2017 Highlight

Helped launch Home Solutions

2020 Highlight

Promoted to VP, SEO

July 2018

Vice President

February 2023

Senior Vice President

Amanda Lutz: Grow Without Limits

I was hired in October of 2021 as the company’s first Senior Content Writer. During my job search, I was drawn to the conversations I had with this team about the ability to carve a meaningful path here and build out a brand new role. Since joining, that freedom to grow without limits has been a hallmark of my journey at Home Solutions. I started as a writer and realized that I really enjoyed business strategy and leading a team, which is when I was able to transition into a Content Manager. As my interests evolved into working with AI, consumer research, and process improvement, Home Solutions empowered me to launch a brand-new Innovations team and pivot my career focus from content to strategy, all while learning the evolving landscape of AI and automation.

I’ve referred three friends, all of whom have grown in their roles and been promoted; I feel incredibly lucky to work somewhere that elevates what people believe they can do and creates creative new ways to work. If you want to grow your career, skill set, and horizons, this is the place to do it.

October 2021

Started as the Home Solutions’ first Senior Writer

June 2022

Launched the Content Manager role


Oversaw two teams to publish an average of 96 articles per month

July 2023

Launched the Innovations Manager role


Improved process efficiencies to expedite more than 18,800 hours of work annually

February 2024

Promoted to Innovations Director

Danielle Manyika: Act With Focus

I joined Home Solutions in December of 2022 as a Director of Technical Program Management. Initially, the scope of my role was limited to supporting our data team as we worked to migrate from a legacy Redshift database. I quickly found my role expanding in scope and impact. Within a few months, my responsibilities grew to include leading the data and integrations teams, supporting the development of critical backend systems, and even helping to lay the groundwork to strengthen our compliance posture.

As my responsibilities have shifted and grown, I've strived to drive business outcomes by executing and delivering on complex projects with focus and thoroughness. The fast-paced nature of this business, coupled with the clear goals we set, makes my job exciting and interesting. Home Solutions is a great place to work for those passionate about career growth, embracing challenging problems, and collaborating effectively to solve them.

December 2022

Started as Director of Technical Program Management


Expanded role to lead Data, Backend, and Integrations teams

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